I, the undersigned, do Herby acknowledge that I have read and understand the following:

1) I am responsible for my dog and its actions at all times while being associated with the school-(Pawsitively Pet Sitting and Training), and therefore, I shall be held personally responsible for any claim made in respect to any damages or injury caused by my dog.

2) If my dog has knowingly been exposed to any harmful or contagious diseases, that I shall notify the school as soon as possible and refrain from bringing the dog to training until the risk has been cleared.

3) I take note that the school has a set of rules that I will have read and understand to my full ability.

4) I take note that classes are group classes and there will be other breeds and sizes of dogs, We will exercise every possible precaution  when socialization happens but we must always remember that we work with animals and that anything is possible.

5) I take note that there is a strict no refund policy.


Consequently, I:

1) Will assume responsibility and liability for any damage and/or injury caused to any animal, person and/or property caused by my dog or failure on my part to control my dog.

2) Indemnify all staff of the school, the host property owners, employees and or agents of any of the above, under whose auspices the training is being conducted against any claims of whatever nature and however caused, which may be made against them collectively or individually, in respect to any action by my dog and/or my failure to control my dog and/or any act or omission of my own.

3) Take full responsibility for anybody who accompanies me to training and accordingly indemnify the school, the host property owners, employees and or agents of any of the above against such person’s conduct.

4) Acknowledge that the use of all equipment and that me partaking in any training activities is undertaken at my own risk and accordingly waive any claim which I may have against the school in the injury which I may suffer the damage to property of my own which may occur out of my participation in the activities

5) Acknowledge, if I do not adhere to the rules set by the school, Pawsitively pet Sitting and training reserves the right to ask me to leave the premises and I may be refused entry until permission has been reinstated.

                                                                                                                                6) acknowledge AND ACCEPT THE TRAINING METHODS AND RULES set by the school, Pawsitively Pet sitting and Training.

7) I acknowledge that when missing a class I have 2 opportunity’s to catch up. When I can’t I will forfeit the classes missed