Christmas Ornaments with your furry friend

Create cherished Christmas ornament with your furry Friend’s paw print. Grab some treats, and lets create lasting memories! 🐶✨
You will need:
1 Cup baking soda
½ Cup corn starch
¾ cup water
For decorations:
Pet safe paint
Plastic Straw
Step 1: Mix the baking soda, corn starch and water together in a medium pot.
Step 2. Bring to boil on low to medium heat. Mix with a whisk until it forms clay.
Step 3: Remove from the pot, put it in a zip lock bag until it has cooled down.
Step 4: Roll the dough out and use a circle cookie cutter to cut out a circle big enough for your fur companion’s paw.
Step 5. Poke a hole on top of the circle for the ribbon to fit through, this is so that you can hang the ornament on the tree.
Step 6: Let it air dry.
Adding a paw:
Use the pet safe paint to add a paw print on the dried-out ornament. You can then decorate it with glitter or any other decorative items you like.
This DIY project is a paw-fect way to celebrate the holidays and create lasting memories with your four-legged family member. 🎁🐾

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