Training Reliable Recalls


One of the most asked questions is how do I get my dog to come when I call? There are a few exercises we do to help when we call our dogs however it is first important to know the secrets to a reliable recall.

  • Always have a treat handy when doing recalls.
  • Set your dog up for success never call your dog from 5m away knowing they won’t be able to come rather stand 1m away call your dog and reward your dog for coming.
  • NEVER give your dog a command when he/she is leaving all their fun to come to you for a sit as an example always first the treat then the command.
  • Don’t always call your dog to put them on a leash this will also cause them to not want to come to you when called.

How to teach your dog to recall

Always call your dog at any time during the day or any place and when he/she comes to you after being called reward him/her for coming to you. you can even make a came out of it and play hide and seek by hiding and when your dog finds you after being called your dog gets a reward. Remember to set your dog up for success. It is a good idea to practice this in every possible environment for example dog parks, inside the house, outside the house, on playdates, and so on.

Written and compelled by Bianca De Vos

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