What to expect when finding a pet sitter

What to expect when finding a pet sitter.
It is important to start your pet sitter search as early as possible, especially in school holidays and over the December period. This way you can ensure that the pet sitter is available and that you can book with the pet sitter you like.
Meet the pet sitter before you hire them, this way you can see how the person interacts with your dogs, and how your dogs interact with them. The pet sitter should be able to supply you with references, it is important that you do check up on their references. There are no qualifications as such for pet sitters, however knowledge of basic pet behaviors and emergency protocols and communication is important.
The ideal pet sitter would ask you a lot of questions, these questions should include:
• Emergency contact details
• Pets’ names, descriptions of pets and ages.
• Feeding schedules
• Medical History of your pets
• Normal exercise routine and daily schedule of your pets
• VET details including VET cards
• Any additional information the pet sitter would need.

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