Boredom Busters- Snuffle Mats Part 1


What are snuffle mats used for?

Snuffle mats are used to sharpen a dog’s sense of smell and hunting skill.  They also make your dog look for food by sniffing and foraging this is hugely satisfying and self-rewarding for a dog. (Just like barking but not as noisy) these mats mimic grass and outdoor areas. It is a great way to mentally stimulate your dog when you are not able to physically stimulate your dog.

Why do dog trainers recommend snuffle mats?

A snuffle mat is a great way to entertain and mentally stimulate your dog. It is a great boredom buster especially if your dog is left at home during the day. Keep in mind the snuffle mat should only be used when your dog is supervised.

What are the benefits of using the snuffle mats?

  • Encourage slow eating habits.
  • Alleviate stress.
  • Stimulates their pleasure sensor in their brain as they work for their food.
  • Keeps your dog busy.
  • Mentally stimulates them.


How can I make one?


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