Boredom Busters- Snuffle Mats Part 2

What treats can I use to put in the snuffle mat?

You can use your dog’s meal, instead of feeding kibble in a food bowl to make it interesting and use the snuffle mat. You can also use any treats available at your local vet or pet store.


How to introduce a snuffle mat?


  • Firstly, Put the snuffle mat on the floor and let your dog watch you drop some treats in and then use a word like search or find.
  • The moment when your dog has an idea of the snuffle mat, you can start by hiding treats in it and make it more challenging for your dog to get the treats out.

Always remember to never leave your dog alone with the snuffle mat he/she must always be supervised.


There are a few methods you can use to clean the snuffle mat; however, it all depends on how bad the mess is.

  • Use a cloth and soap water and clean the areas where it is dirty.
  • Soak it in cold water with cloth detergent for an hour, then rinse it with cold water and put it in the sun to dry.
  • If your washing machine has an option for a delicate wash, you can wash it in the washing machine, make sure to use cold water when washing it.

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