Boredom Busters- Nina Ottosson Puzzle’s

We as dog trainers recommend the use of puzzle toys daily, the reason is that they help with a lot of things for instance it mentally stimulates them feeding them by using a puzzle toy encourages a dog to use their brain and sense of smell to figure out how to get the treats. It also helps relieve behaviour problems, dogs that have no stimulation during the day usually tend to be more destructive giving them a puzzle toy can help this behaviour by keeping them busy and out of trouble. However, there is no guarantee that it will solve the problem.

There are loads of different puzzle toys on the market my personal favourite is Nina Ottosson the reason being is that her puzzle designs come in different levels and are easy to wash and assemble.

Level 1:

  • Treat Tumble small and Large.
  • Dog Smart and Dog Smart Composite Puzzle

Level 2:

  • Treat Maze
  • Dog Hide and Slide (Batman’s Favourite)
  • Dog Tornado Puzzle
  • Dog Brick Puzzle

Level 3:

  • Challenge Slider
  • Dog Worker
  • Dog Twister
  • Dog Casino

Level 4:

  • Multi Puzzle


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