Preventing Boredom and Frustration

Allot of Behavioral Issues are caused by boredom in most dogs. Supplying your dog with toys and treats before going out can go a long way to reduce behavioral concerns and keep your dog stimulated. it is crucial to make sure all toys you give your dog is safe and of high quality and are checked daily for wear and tear to prevent joking or swallowing of the pieces.

Your dog spends the majority of the day home alone, when you are at work, it’s important to give them things to keep them busy. Toys such as ropes and balls are only entertaining when they are being thrown by a human. Toys like this won’t give your dog the stimulation they need.

Chewing for dogs comes naturally and it does not just give them something to do, it keeps them busy. Chewing helps a dog to de-stress think of a dog that has separation anxiety it will chew your furniture by doing this the chewing will make him feel better. Your dog should only get these chew toys when you are not at home, and it should be picked up when you are. Some ideas are:

  • Kong toys are the best you can stuff it with kibble and peanut butter or any other healthy treats. You can even freeze it to make it last longer
  • You can sprinkle some kibble outside in your garden and teach your dog to search for it, this could also keep them busy for a while.
  • Interactive toys are brilliant most pet shops have them.
  • digging pit, these can provide hours of entertainment.
  • Even consider hiring someone to take your dogs for daily walks when you aren’t able to.


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