Can I use a laser pointer to entertain my dogs?

Can I use a laser pointer to entertain my dogs?


NO!! Although many people use a laser pointer with no problems most of the time the dog can develop something called obsessive-compulsive behavior.

The movement of the light can trigger a dog’s prey drive. This means they want to chase it but are unable to catch it.  is a never ending game for dogs.

Many dogs continue to look for the light even when the laser pointer has been put away. This is very confusing for your dog. This creates obsessive-compulsive behavior. Dogs that exhibit these behaviors become frustrated, anxious, and confused.

There are a lot of different alternatives to use instead of laser light, Some exercises will benefit you and will help tire out your dog, for example, Walks, Hiking and so much more. Changing the environment and taking your dog out in nature can be very stimulating and tiring.

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